CODIXX invests

Project: Digitization and management of company operations

CODIXX AG is a technology company dedicated to the manufacturing of glass polarizers. colorPol® polarizers offer reliable performance in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrum to demanding industrial applications.

A distinctive property of colorPol® polarizers stems from their highly specialized and complex manufacturing processes. The base material passes through various special equipment, which has been developed or customized by our engineers. The production lines were extended and modernized extensively in the years 2016 to 2020. The total capacity was tripled in the process (see press release dated 07.03.2017). The new complexity of the production lines and their management made it necessary to restructure the IT systems. To this end, CODIXX has implemented major changes to the IT infrastructure in recent years. This created the foundation for complete interconnectivity between the manufacturing divisions of the company (see press release dated April 17, 2019). From individual climate sensors to complex plant data and digitally recorded process chains to production-relevant booking transactions in an ERP system, a large amount of information contributes to the digital mapping of the company.

Now, the next modernization step follows. The storage system and network infrastructure will be expanded in order to process the extensive volumes of data accordingly. Office workstations, which are spatially separated from production on another floor, will be connected to the production fiber optic network. The networking of the areas will enable further optimized production planning. In particular, more flexible production planning can be implemented by shortening response times. Sales staff can access the necessary information without time-consuming coordination with the production area. All necessary background information will be available and can be retrieved immediately using appropriate search functions.

Following the expansion of the network infrastructure, new tools for digital document management and archiving will be introduced. A connection to the existing ERP system will enable a paperless office. Peter Nuretinoff (Head of Administration) is looking forward to the planned redesigns: "The measures will simplify the day-to-day work of all administrative staff through a high level of transparency and uncomplicated traceability. With the paperless office, CODIXX is setting an example for environmental protection by conserving resources. Our employees are offered a modern working environment in an innovative technology company."


This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).